It really is this simple.

Everyone at every level can use Portico with no training. There is no software to own and no hidden IT costs. One location and one sign-in for all your applications.

Too much on your plate?

We help businesses simplify processes, reduce admin and reduce costs.

You're free to go!

Go make money. Go do business. Go do it with complete confidence.

Portico sets business leaders, finance directors and HR directors free by making admin simple. It's proven in the real world - by fast growing and well-known businesses.

Admin made simple.

Portico is your cloud solution for collecting and sharing all your business information safely and easily, across your company.

Admin made simple.

Portico is designed to make your admin simple. You get one location and one sign-in for all of your applications: HR, payroll, intranet, workflow, document sharing, document archive, time reporting.

Safe and secure in the Cloud; this is your simple route into Cloud admin.

Portico can be your procure-to-pay backbone. Portico links to 28,000 suppliers for speedy and controlled procurement.

Portico is used across countries and continents. Access any time, anywhere.

Real people, working the system beautifully without any training!

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